Sunday, 18 November 2012


Yep Christmas is coming & we can't stop it!

So, how about a driving lesson or a course of lessons for a present for someone? What a present that would be heh! 

Just think, a gift of independence, a gift of a life skill, a gift to someone you love and they will certainly love you right back!

Current Prices

Special Offers

1st 90min Lesson
(assessment lesson)
1st 6 Lessons
New Drivers Only

Single Lesson Prices

1 Hour Lesson
Automatic Lessons
(per hour)
1.5 Hours
2 Hours

Block Bookings

5 Hours
10 hours
(Thats £20 per hour!!!)
20 hours
(Thats £19 per hour!!!)
We can produce and post (free p&p) to you or to your loved one to!  Yes that's right..........something free!!!

Free P&P on all voucher purchases between now and Christmas 2012

Payments can be made cheque, cash or Paypal. 

Just get in touch & once payment received, leave the rest to us. Go on, you know you want to.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

So what now heh?

*******Calling all partly trained provisional license holders*******

So ok, you've got you're provisional license & had a few lessons. You've started your driver training, learning new skills & hopefully enjoyed it. But circumstances, whatever it may have been, forced you to stop your lessons, whether it be lack of money, childcare issues, change of working hours or starting at college.  Some time has passed & you want to re-start.

Is this YOU?.......................................

Here at Duo Driving School we offer YOU what we call an Assessment Lesson lasting for 90mins, giving YOU a chance to show us what YOU can do and how YOU do it (our motto is "If is isn't broken, it doesn't need fixing!" Which means you don't spend your lesson time going over old ground.) 

At the end of the Assessment Lesson, YOU and your instructor here at Duo will discuss whether you feel you can work together, how YOU learn best & plan future lessons for YOU to get that full license.

It really is that straight forward. These are YOUR lessons, YOU are paying us to teach YOU the skills needed to become that confident, competent driver YOU aimed to be when you first started YOUR driving training. 

Contact us at Duo Driving School, let us show you how our Customer focused driver training will get you what and where you want to be.

***It is ALL ABOUT YOU***

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Think we blinked and missed Summer

Ok, whose stood at a bus stop this week, watching cars drive passed you, as you get soaked or chatted to by the local "pleb" (sorry couldn't resist!)?

Why not set yourself a goal to get yourself away from the bus queue and the local nutter? Why not get yourself driving lessons? Keep warm & chose who chat to. 

DUO Driving School can help you on your way. Here's our guide:-

1. Get your Provisional Driving Licence. Here's all the details you'll need -

2. Make sure that your eye sight is as required by law. Again here's all the details you'll need -

3. Now for the fun bit!! CALL US/TEXT US/EMAIL US  We don't care how you do it just get yourselves in touch and we'll get you into the diary to begin your driver training.

Check our our website for our current special offer prices.



Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Thinking of Christmas? Shopping, pressies, argghhhh!

Did you know there are less than 100 days to Christmas?

Anyone you know looking to learn to drive, need refresher lessons or motorway tuition? Why not give them a helping hand with Gift Vouchers for Driving Lessons with DUO Driving School?

With lesson prices from £11 per hour (subject to t&cs), gift vouchers for lessons are affordable and a totally practical pressie for Christmas, Birthdays or just as a Thank You.

For further information see our Website or Facebook page DUO Driving School

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So Proud Of Team GB? Why Not Set Yourself An Olympic Sized Goal Now? Learn To Drive?

Looking to learn to drive, look no further.

Following all the sporting success of the summer and the pride in Team GB, here at DUO we've had success too! Existing customers have passed their Driving Tests and have left us with limited availability for new customers to do just the same.

Check out our Website for all of our Special Offers, our lesson prices start at JUST £11 per hour (terms and conditions apply, contact us for full details).

Go on, our athletes did us proud, do yourself proud too. Give us a call, drop us a message or email and you'll get yourselves on the road to success!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Someone you know looking to learn to drive?

**Late Summer Offers**

Due to our pupils passing their practical driving tests we have a number of day time slots available for new customers. How's about we offer you a deal:- 

**Recommend a friend & we give you either 1 hour free tuition or a £20 gift voucher of your choice (t&c's apply, ask us for further details)**

Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer Break Over

Remember what your goals were when you contacted Duo Driving School!

Ok folks, we hope you've all enjoyed your summer break BUT as September begins we all know School, College or Uni re-starts pretty soon. 

Can we ask you a question? .............. You started to learn to drive, why? What were your aims? Have these aims/goals changed? Ok ok I know that's a few questions but we want to you think seriously about re-starting your lessons now that a new term is about to begin.

We've both got customers who, for whatever reason, decided to take a break from their driving training for the summer so come on give us a call, get your slots booked back in so that the skills you've learned so far don't go to waste.  We do understand that time tables need to be confirmed but as soon as you know let us know & we'll get you on the road to that full driving licence. Imagine that on your CV heh!

Sharon for DUO Driving School